Видео: WR Shadow Complex Xbox 360 Speed Run completed in 5:14. Yes nearly 5 minutes! No cheats used!

[WR] Shadow Complex Remastered Speedrun: Fresh File 100% Insane (1:36:25 In-Game Time)

Category: Fresh-file Insane 100% World Record! Real Time - 1:44:02 In-Game Time - 1:36:25 Most Shadow Complex Runs make ...

[HD] Shadow Complex Xbox 360: Speed run Any% In-game time in 7:28

Hi Greenalink here with a run that prevented me continuing my segmented Phantom Hourglass 2012 edition. It's Shadow ...

Shadow Complex Remastered [PC]: How to complete the game in under 15 minutes speed run

December 3rd/4th 2015, a very unexpected announcement during The Game Awards 2015. Shadow Complex got a Remaster ...

Shadow Complex Remastered 100% Speed Run in Less Than 2 Hours!

We sat down with an expert member of our QA team to speedrun Shadow Complex 100% in less than two hours. Watch and learn!

Shadow Complex Remastered - Speedrun Any% (previous) World Record 9:47 (8:20 in-game)

I set a new Any% World Record in Shadow Complex, improving my personal best by almost 2 minutes. Improvements compared ...

Shadow Complex Remastered - Insane Difficulty NG + 100 % Completion Speedrun Trophy

chairness, Jason Bailey Achievements. 1 hour 32 minutes ( NEW GAME +/LV40)

Shadow Complex Remastered: RTA speed run in 12:05, new route in V1.1

Beats the best v1.0/old route by nearly 1 minute. Remastered version received an update this week and made a few changes, ...

Shadow Complex Remastered [052] PC Longplay/Walkthrough/Playthrough (FULL GAME)

Full Game Longplay [052] of Shadow Complex Remastered for PC, 2015. Complete Gameplay Walkthrough and Playthrough.

Let's Play: Shadow Complex [XBox360][HD] - Part 1: Good Fun Gone Bad

Welcome to my playthrough of the XBLA title Shadow Complex. This game is hearkening back to the days of 2-D platforming with ...

Shadow Complex Remastered - Speedrun Any% (outdated) World Record - 11:45 (10:10 in-game)

I achieve the SC Remastered WR with a new route. Recorded/posted Feb 1 2016 -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/ajfirecracker.

Shadow Complex Review

Almost too good for the Live Arcade.

Shadow Complex any% SpeedRun 7:39

Working my way down. Started at 33 minutes and now I've got a 7:39 with a first try on the corner warp! This was recorded Live on ...

Shadow Complex speed run part 1

Final time is 25:28. I made a few mistakes during this run, but it is still good. I could improve most of these mistakes in the future.

European Speedrunner Assembly 2016: Shadow Complex Remastered Speedrun: NG+ 100% Insane in 1:04:46

Date of run: 26th July 2016 Went to Sweden for my 2nd ESA event, only ran 1 main game on Tuesday and 3 bonus games on ...

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