Видео: Understanding Firewatch's Brutal Ending

DELILAH'S LIES - Full Plot and Ending Explanation - FIREWATCH THEORY

Delilah knows far more than she leads on, and I can prove it. She is keeping so many secrets from Henry that many players ...

Firewatch - Every Ending

Firewatch Every Ending SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS USED http://asuveroz.webs.com/firewatch GAME SETTINGS USED ...

FIREWATCH Theory: DELILAH'S DARK SECRET. The True Firewatch Ending

Delilah was hiding something from you in FIREWATCH the whole time. So I played Firewatch and went through a hell of a ride.

Firewatch - Ending scene. Meet up with Delilah.

FYI: Funny how much dislikes this video got...Guys you never have the chance to meet Delilah! She PRETENDS TO WAIT!!!! BUT SHE ...

Firewatch Bad Ending

Firewatch https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA04107_00.

FIREWATCH Ending Explained

Explanation of the ending of a very arbitrary game! Join the Stickys in our quest for world ...

Firewatch: (PS4) What Happens When we Ignore Delilah?! The Ending Do we see her face?

Welcome to the Channel!! Please share your thoughts and comments, I always enjoy feedback. If you are new please consider ...

Firewatch: Finding the "True Ending" SPOILERS

Despite all of the subsequent intrigue and drama, it was a mourning father who was causing ALL of that consternation. He was the ...

Firewatch Guide - Alternate Ending

SPOILERS AHEAD IGN shows you an alternate ending to Firewatch, which occurs if Henry waits too long to board the rescue ...

Why Firewatch's Ending Works | Ryan's Theory

PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT ▻ https://www.patreon.com/ryanhollinger SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://www.youtube.com/user/himynames.

What happens if you go to Delilah's watchtower early in Firewatch? (Going to Thorofare tower ASAP)

What happens if the player tries to go to Delilah's tower as soon as possible? Let's see if we can meet Delilah early in the game.

Firewatch Good Ending.

Firewatch https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA04107_00 Great game, you should play it! Firewatch takes place in the ...

Firewatch Secret Ending! (Alternate Firewatch Ending)

What happens if the player doesn't get in the rescue helicopter at the end of Firewatch? Is it an alternate ending? Let's find out!

Firewatch Ending | Asking Delilah to Come to Boulder | Lookout Tower | 720p Stream Hlighlight

Alas, the end... we never got to meet Delilah.. -- Watch live at http://www.twitch.tv/stargater07.

Firewatch Guide - Hidden Audio Tape Location

IGN shows you where to find a recording of the "Old Shoshone" song in Firewatch. ---------------------------------- Follow IGN for more!

Scary Firewatch - Do You Copy - All Endings

Scary Firewatch - Do You Copy - All Endings. Quite an interesting short game with 4 endings and variation on what happens ...

Firewatch Ending / Longer Version Ending

Firewatch Ending / Longer Version Ending This is the final scene in the Playstation 4 and PC Game, Firewatch. Subscribe Here ...

Firewatch - ALTERNATE ENDING & EASTER EGGS ★ Firewatch Alternate Playthrough (Livestream Highlights)

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The Message Behind Firewatch

For the last video of 2018, I wanted to discuss Firewatch, a game with a message unlike any other. Bit of a somber video to end ...

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