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Intel Chips Store Numbers Backwards - Little Endian vs Big Endian

When a computer is dealing with a number greater than 255, it uses at least 2 bytes. Intel processors (and AMD) store these ...

Big Endian vs. Little Endian

In this video I explain the difference between big and little endianness.

What is the Difference Between Big Endian and Little Endian?

Endianness, or big endian and little endian have as much to do with Gulliver's Travels as they do with computer storage.

Endianness Explained

In this video I briefly explained the implication of endianness in C programming.

Endianness in C | Big Endian vs Little Endian

Please subscribe my channel TechvedasLearn for latest update. Endianness in C or Big Endian vs Little Endian Friends welcome ...

Why Build Colossus? (Bill Tutte) - Computerphile

Cracking the code was only half the battle. To keep the upper hand, when using Bill Tutte's statistical methods, the detailed ...

Double Ratchet Messaging Encryption - Computerphile

How does instant messaging encryption protect against attack? Dr Mike Pound on the double ratchet. Diffie Hellman Key ...

Where did Bytes Come From? - Computerphile

Why do we have 8 bits in a byte? Professor Brailsford on the origins of the humble byte. Why Use Binary?: https://youtu.be ...

BOM (Byte Order Mark)

Why is BOM (Byte Order Mark) important and when to use it?

Parsing - Computerphile

Parsing applies to human language as much as computer code. Giancarlo Sandoval on the basics of parsing. https://www ...

Instant Messaging and the Signal Protocol - Computerphile

How do instant message apps do end to end encryption when one phone may not even be switched on yet? Dr Mike Pound on the ...

What's Behind Port Smash? - Computerphile

The Port Smash exploits Hyperthreading and timings to work out what other programs are doing. Dr Steve Bagley looks at how ...

Endian data format in bytes/bits

Siemens data format, Big Endian.

The POWER of Little Endian

This demo will be a tutorial about the differences between the PowerPC64 BE and Little Endian architecture.

Endianness (Big Endian/Little Endian) Explained in Haste | How Computers Order Bytes in Memory

E.T. Reference 001 Quick explanation on byte order big Endian vs little Endian.

Additional Processors - Computerphile

After the multi-processor video we look at processors that are central-ish.... Dr Steve Bagley takes apart the old IBM PC ...

eXploit X : "Give Me Root" - Computerphile

One line of code can get root access on many Linux systems. Dr Steve Bagley demos the exploit. More info from The Register ...

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