Видео: 5. wxWidgets Package Precompiled Header

Precompiled Headers | Game Engine series

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Cross Platform GUI with C++ and wxWidgets

In this video I explain how to setup a cross platform GUI project with C++ and wxWidgets in Visual Studio 2017. We are using ...

installing wxWidgets on Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

This video shows how to compile and link to the wxWidgets c++ library with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.

PreCompiled Headers

How PreCompiled Headers work.

Beginner C++ Episode 10 - Using Multiple Source (.cpp, .h) Files

In this tutorial series, I will teach you how to get started programming in C++ from the ground up. In this tenth episode we go over ...

C++ Precompiled

A tutorial teach people how to use precompiled headers ...

4. wxWidgets makefile options, useful to know when building wxWidgets from source

Demonstrates makefile build options within the NuGet wxWidgets project properties. Demonstrates building wxWidgets without ...

6 wxFormBuilder

Builds on the work of my other videos, and shows you how to build a GUI from scratch using a rapid application development ...

OpenCV Windows Setup Tutorial (Visual Studio 2017)

OpenCV GitHub: https://github.com/opencv/opencv OpenCV Homepage: https://opencv.org/ Like our content and want to support ...

2. Set up MSVC Project with wxWigets NuGet Package

Illustrates how to set up MSVC Project (in 2010 Express). Targets wxPack first, then prebuilt binaries, then the wxWidgets source.

02 - Understanding Precompiled Headers using Visual C++ on Command Line

In this session, we will learn about "Precompiled Header" We need to review what we learned in our previous session ...

CEGUI 0.7.9 Build on Code::Blocks (MinGW): From Download to Binary

This shows a build of CEGUI 0.7.9 using Code::Blocks with MinGW 4.7.1. The mingw prebuilt dependencies for CEGUI are quite ...


introduction to c++ introduuction to visual studio why header files waht are data types use of cin and cout predefined functions.

Being Careful With Include Instructions in Header Files

Jamie King showing some of the dangers with including too much into your compilation units.

3. Setting up project in git repository (what to add/ignore)

Demonstrates what to add/ignore in git, in the context of a MSVC project with the wxWidgets NuGet package. Playlist: ...

Code::Blocks + wxWidgets + wxSmith: read text file


GUI Programming with Code::Blocks

A simple demonstration of using Code::Blocks to create some nice GUI programs with ease.

Build and Setup wxWidgets Using MinGW and Code::Blocks

This video describes the steps you need to take to compile wxWidgets from sources using MinGW compiler bundled with ...

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